Swim Meets & Events

Wed Jun 26

End of Season Party - 2019
BCW Pool
Start: 5:00 PM
End: 8:00 PM

Signup Deadline:  Sunday 23 @ 9:00pm

We are excited to celebrate another fun and successful swim season! Please join us on June 26th from 5 to 8pm for the End of the Season Awards Celebration. We will have Chick-fil-a and lots of fun!  Medals from the medal meet & individual photos will be distributed.

Mon Jun 24

All Star Invitational
Westwood Country Club
Start: 4:30 PM
Warm-up: 4:00 PM
End: 9:00 PM (estimated)

Location:  3808 W. 35th Street

Qualifying times ONLY. Please see meet info PDF.

At this point, the relays are selected and all individual events have been entered. If you do not see an event listed under your athlete's name, they did not make the relay team. Sorry, the all star meet only has a single relay and we are not able to bring everyone.

IMPORTANT: All relay lists are tentative until Monday June 17 (ok, that was the goal, we are still working on it). We will only get ONE relay per age group, so participation will be limited to the top swimmers.

Fri Jun 21

Barton Creek Country Club
Start: 5:00 PM
Warm-up: 4:30 PM
End: 8:30 PM (estimated)

Entry Deadline: Wednesday 8pm
BCW Warmup: 4:30pm
Meet Start: 5:00pm

Note: Concessions is CREDIT only.   No Cash!

Sat Jun 15

BCW Pool
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:00 AM
End: 11:30 AM (estimated)

Entry Deadline: Wednesday 8:00pm

Sat Jun 8

Lakeway Swim Center
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:30 AM
End: 12:00 PM (estimated)

Entry Deadline: Wednesday 8:00pm
Location: Lakeway Swim Center - 3103 Lakeway Blvd

Tue Jun 4

Team Event - Schlitterbahn
Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels

Info and tickets for sale on the Team Events page.  Transportation and baby sitting is NOT provided.

Mon Jun 3

First day of Morning Practice
BCW Pool

Sun Jun 2

Olympian & Kona Ice Day
BCW Pool
Start: 4:00 PM
End: 6:00 PM

Sat Jun 1

BCW Pool
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:00 AM
End: 12:00 PM (estimated)

Entry Deadline: Wednesday 8:00pm

Fri May 24

Rollingwood Pool
Start: 5:30 PM
Warm-up: 4:50 PM
End: 9:00 PM (estimated)

Please ARRIVE EARLY to allow for traffic. Meet will start at 5:30 sharp!

Sat May 18

BCW Pool
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:00 AM
End: 12:00 PM (estimated)

Tue May 14

Individual Photo Day - makeup
BCW Pool
Start: 4:45 PM
End: 6:30 PM
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