Photo Day TODAY and Reminders

    Hi All! 

    Thanks to everyone for coming to the meet this weekend. We really appreciate all the parents/coaches that really stepped up to make this happen for the kids! I think this was our first cold/rainy meet in many years -- let's hope it is the last! Thank you again for always making sure the kids are having fun! 

    Last chance to get your kids individual photo take during practice today: come anytime between: 4:45 pm - 6:30 pm. The kids at the end of season banquet receive an age group collage - example below. Don't miss out! 

    A few reminders: 

    Last day to purchase Schlitterbahn tickets is THIS FRIDAY May 17th at midnight. No exceptions. It is a fun event with the team along with discounted admission! 

    Merchandise will be available at the concession stand at this home meet. If you haven't picked up your shirts, caps, towels - please stop by and grab them. 

    Please check lost and found - please remember to label all gear with your kids name on it. A lot of googles look the same! 

    Safety - please keep an eye on your kids during practice. There are many kids all ages running around, climbing, dashing into the parking lot...we don't want any accidents. Rules are no running around the pool - please help us enforce it! If you drop your kid off, please remind them to watch out for cars or don't stand in the parking lot - a few kids had close calls yesterday. 

    Volunteer Credits - Every family is required to complete 4 volunteer shifts. If your family doesn't meet this requirement, you will not be able to register next year - if you are unsure log into your account or email us to find out where you can help make your sure you fulfill your shifts. Please check in with the volunteer coordinator at every meet, if not you might not receive credit. Do not leave your volunteer shift early -- we do not have back-ups available. It is the volunteers that help make this league a success and fun for the kids. Please make sure we all work together and do our parts. 


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