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    Barracuda Party Tonight 5-8 pm

    Barracuda Families,

    Let's celebrate an amazing and fun filled season! Our end-of-season party is this evening, Wednesday (6/26) from 5 pm-8 pm at our home pool.

    Food will be served at 5 pm. We will have Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, nuggets, fruit & salad, grilled chicken to add to salads if you…

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    All Star Weather Update - PLEASE READ

    This is the update from Westwood.

    1) Plan on arriving at 4:00pm.  If lightning has cleared, please enter and set up in your designated area. We will email this list if the weather has not cleared and ask you to remain in your car until it is safe to be…

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    BCW vs BCCC

        Its was an exciting nite at BCCC because BCW was swimming unbelievably fantastic! The number of Best times, the amount of Medals won.... cant wait for our Team Banquet on Wednesday evening. Over the last 9 weeks (cant believe we are almost done) what a transformation... new swimmers…

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    Important Information for Tonight's Medal Meet (Please read)

    Here are some reminders for today's meet. Please read through the end of the email for important new information.

    4:00 pm - Set-up
    4:15 pm - Other Volunteers Ready to help
    4:00 pm - BCCC Warm-up
    4:30 pm -
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    BCW @ BCCC - Heat Sheet Published


    Let's get ready to swim! The heat sheets are posted on the home page!  Please pay careful attention to the relays, this is the medal meet and we don't want to scratch anyone and leave the other 3 kids on the pool deck!

    Barracudas will be sitting in the…

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    Final Week of Practices and Reminders

    Hi Barracuda Parents,

    We are in our final week of swim practices. There is no practice on Friday morning due to the Medal meet at Barton Creek Country Club that night.

    Please sign up for our last meet (Medal Meet) by Wednesday at 8 pm. Since this is an away …

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    9 & 10 practice (6/17) to start at 9:45 am

    9 & 10 practice to start at 9:45 am

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    7/8 practice (6/17) canceled

    7/8 practice (6/17) canceled

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    7/8 practice pushed to start at 9 am

    7/8 practice pushed to start at 9 am due to thunder. 

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    6 and under practice (6/17) canceled

    6 and under practice canceled (6/17) due to thunder. All practice for now still a go. If any changes, we will send an email or post on site.

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